Guesthouse Management

By Beatrice • • 18 Jan 2013


Most guesthouses in South Africa operate on a very high standard and belong to a variety of professional associations. Due to the diversity and sophistication of needs in the tourism industry in South Africa, there is always an area which do not receive the necessary attention and where we can assist in a manner which will deliver financial synergy to the whole.

Herewith just a few areas where we can assist your Guesthouse:

  • –Listing on appropriate marketing portals
  • Guest Amenities
  • –Web design, Graphic Design
  • –Refurbishment
  • –Emergency locum management services
  • –Daily administration
  • –Secretarial duties
  • –Procurement
  • –Standards
  • –Policies and procedures
  • –Streamlining your booking services


All of the above services except for the Emergency Locum Service can be rendered on-site or by electronic means.